Kia Ora and welcome to everyone for the school year. A special warm welcome to those children who are attending St Leonards School for the first time. Our aim is to give the children at our school a great start to their education.

Our school is very community based with a strong sense of identity and Whanau. There is a long history of a school at St Leonards with the first school starting in 1868. We are fortunate to retain the use of the subsequent school building built in 1886 for our library and community use.

Governance of the school is by the Board of Trustees with parent representatives elected for a three year term. The Board appreciates input from the community at all times. Board of Trustee Meetings are held twice a Term and are open to the public. If you have areas of special interest or expertise and you would like to become a Trustee please let us know or come to a meeting. Your input is always welcome. 

St Leonards carry out fundraising throughout the year which helps supply those extras that make for an enriched school environment. We encourage all families to support and enjoy the fundraising activities.

We hope you are able to be involved in our school community in a way that suits you and your family. We wish you all the best for a happy and fulfilling year at St Leonards School.

John Threlfall
Board of Trustees