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extra opportunities

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For a small school we offer a surprising array of extra opportunities for children! Sports, music, art and chess - there is something for everyone.


Some of these happen during school time - during the day and at lunch break - and others are after school.


These are entirely voluntary and there may be additional costs.


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The number of school sports teams we field are a testament to how active our pupils are!

This year we have teams playing futsal and hockey.

A call for players goes out in our school newsletter and those who are keen to play can join the team.


We welcome parents and caregivers who have interests or skills in particular sports to coach and/or form a new team.

music lessons

We have a music tutor who comes in weekly for ukulele, guitar and keyboard lessons for those children whose parents have signed them up.

There is a cost payable to the tutor, but lessons take place during school time (so that means no ferrying to afterschool lessons).

chess club

Chess Club is run during school lunch break on Thursdays and welcomes any children interested in learning and playing chess.


Chess club is run by a local chess enthusiast, Noel Johnston, a retired secondary school math teacher who also volunteers his time to run a math extension group at school.

Pakiki Kids

Pakiki Kids is an alternative education programme for children who have passed the Pakiki criteria as gifted.


It is a one day a week programme provided by Dunedin North Intermediate.

Joining Pakiki Kids is a parental choice and is funded by parents/caregivers of children who join.

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