light, bright, airy, warm in winter, cool in summer, our classrooms are designed for learning . . . 

our classrooms

Ruma Rātā is our classroom for years one to three and Ruma Tōtara is for years four to six. 

challenge yourself, climb a tree, ride the flying fox, climb the bank, make daisy chains in the sun, play ball . . .

our school grounds

Our school grounds offer many different opportunities and places for children to play. 

  • a good size field for running and playing games

  • tennis courts for playing ball games

  • playground with climbing equipment to challenge strength and balance, including monkey bars and climbing rock

  • our very own flying fox!

  • sandpit and mud kitchen

  • trees for shade and climbing

  • our 'wild' bank

I love climbing trees and some of the trees here are so big. I feel like there's no limit to climbing.  

Phoenix (11)

read a book, do some research, find a quiet space, stretch your imagination . . . 

our school library

Is there a better sight than to watch a classroom full of chattering children rush excitedly into the library and five minutes later all is quiet and everybody is absorbed in their own pile of books.

Easy access to books encourages children's reading.

paper, scissors, glue, cardboard, lego . . . this is a room for creating

Ruma Rimu

Ruma Rimu is our space where the whole school gathers to come together and to create. This is where we meet for Monday morning assembly and school singing.

It's also a creative space where STEAM learning, Friday rotations (science and music) and other creative projects happen.

and come and have a look at what our school has to offer for yourself