education review

Education reviews are reports to boards of trustees and the government on the quality of education provided for students in individual schools. They are undertaken by the Education Review Office (ERO).

You can read our latest review here.

A high proportion [of students] achieve above the national standard in reading.

highlights from the last education review

[The school] has a country-school and family-friendly atmosphere

Students have high levels of engagement in their learning

The school makes very good use of expertise in the community to extend learning for students in areas of interest to them.

Strengths include an active enviroschool programme and a strongly evident focus on positive social interactions and problem solving.

board of trustees

The school Board of Trustees is responsible for the school's performance and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

The Board of Trustees provide strategic leadership and direction to their school.

Board of Trustees elections are held every three years. Parents, caregivers and people from the wider community can be nominated for election to a school board.

Board Members

Paul Turner (chair)

Jo Wilson (principal)

Sarah Thompson (staff representative)

Dave MacKay

Natalie Scott

Francene Scott

members of St Leonards School Board of Trustees

annual report

You can read our 2020 Annual Report here and the Financial Statement (year ended 31 December 2020).

policies & procedures